APPLETON – Conduit Fittings

Product Description

Used to connect Rigid, IMC, EMT, Liquid-tite, portable cord, and CLX raceways systems in hazardous location and industrial applications.


  • Complete selection of fittings for Rigid Metal , EMT, IMC, & Liquid-Tite conduit systems in ½” – 6” trade sizes.
  • Cable glands for CLX & portable cord installations.
  • Precision cast and machined products ensure water-tight & explosion-proof integrity.

Technical data:

  • Materials: Malleable Iron, cast gray iron, steel, aluminum, zinc die cast.
  • Finishes: Electro-plated zinc, hot-dipped galvanized, powder coated epoxy.


  • Serve as pulling fittings.
  • Make bends in conduit system
  • Provide openings for splicing.
  • Connect and change direction of conduit runs.
  • Allow connections for branch runs.
  • Permit access to conductors for maintenance.

Certification  :

UL Listed & CSA certified, Class I, Div.1, 2, group A, B, C,D, Class II, Div.1, 2 group E, F, G,  Outdoor, watertight


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