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Kimplas – Electrofusion (EF) Compression Fittings

Product Description

KIMPLAS – Electrofusion (EF) Compression Fittings

Kimplas Piping Systems Limited a ISO 9001:2008 Company certified by BSI was established in Nashik,India in the year 1996 to produce Electrofusion (EF) Fittings for use in Gas and Water Distribution Systems and Industrial Applications. Its Products carry major UK ( Kitemark & WRc-Nsf ) and European ( DVGW) Certifications and are widely accepted the world over.

Kimplas is the largest manufacturer in India of world class Electrofusion (EF), and Compression Fittings and Valves, Welding Machines and Tools. MDPE Pipes are sourced from dedicated suppliers who manufacture as per Kimplas specifications and quality requirements using materials sourced by it. Spigot and EF Fittings above the current range of 125mm OD are sourced from well known reputed European Manufacturers.

Gas Distribution Products:

  • Electrofusion Fittings

  • Compression Fittings

  • Spigot Fittings

  • Valves

  • EF Welding Machine & Tools







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