TOMBO – Insulation and Gasket

Product Description

TOMBO – Insulation and Gasket

Gasket perform an important role in the prevention of fluid leakage from pipes and equipment parts, in a wide range of fields such as petroleum refining, chemical industry, shipping, construction, electrical power, and steel making. Nichias pursue the satisfaction of the customer using its sophisticated “Insulation and Protection” technology.

Specification :

• Sealing : Metal and Semi-Metal Gaskets , Joint Sheet, Graphite Gaskets, Other Gaskets, Packings, Brake Lining and Flexible Bellows
• Fire resistance and thermal insulation : Fineflex Products (Ceramic Fiber Products) , Calcium Silicate Products, Mastic for Hot and Cold Insulation, Molten Aluminum Insulation Products

Technical Data :

• Pressure range : ANSI 150 up to 2500
• ANSI, JIS Standard
• Size : DN 15 – 900 (NPS 1/2-36)
• Temperature range : -240°C up to +800°C

Application :

• Suitable for Food and Beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-tech industries, oil and gas, power, nuclear, aerospace.


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