KLINGER – Level Indicator

Product Description


KLINGER ITALY designs, develops and manufactures level gauges to be distributed all over the world.
All our level gauges are ISO 9001 certified and subject to the strictest controls according to the ASME/EN standards.

Klinger produces level gauges to suit virtually any application, available in single or multi-section, with variety of shut-off valves, cocks and accessories. Basically there four main types, described briefly as follows:Reflex Level Gauge

Process Level Gauge – Reflex


  • Distinct black and silver indication
  • Pressure Up to ANSI 1500 (250 bar)
  • Temperature Range -196 deg C to +400 deg C

Process Level Gauges – Transparent


  • Pressure up to Class 1500 (250 bar)
  • Temperature range -196 deg C to +400 deg C
  • Suitable for corrosive, viscous and interface application
  • Can be illuminated

Bi Colour Leval Gauges

The Bi Colour Level Gauge, available for pressure up to 180 bar is specifically develop for high pressure steam boilers.

In principal this is a wedge shaped transparent level Gauges fitted with colored filters (red and green) and associated illuminator. Light entering the Gauge is reflected trough the water and steam areas to give a bright green and red image of the level, respectively.

Magnetic Level Gauge

Specification :

  • Intimidate and accurate response to level changes, giving clear and sharp legibility
  • Continuous control of liquid level
  • Local and remote display
  • Alarm switch facilities
  • No leak to atmosphere
  • Particularly suitable for dangerous and toxic fluids
  • Simple to engineer and easy to install


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