Cameron-Schlumberger Water Treatment


Product Description

Cameron-Schlumberger Water Treatment

Systems for comprehensive management of produced water, and seawater

Produced water treatment and management solutions range from bulk oil removal to polishing for reinjection. A broad portfolio of industry-leading technologies and engineers with global experience enable us to design customized water treatment systems that deliver reliable performance throughout the life of your project.

Oil Removal

Produced water treatment systems that enable reuse, discharge, or water disposal.

  • WEMCO Pacesetter separator (coalescence and gravity free oil removal)
  • VORTOIL deoling hydrocyclone (centrifugal force free oil removal)
  • WEMCO Depurator (mechanical flotation dispersed oil removal)
  • WEMCO ISF (hydraulic flotation dispersed oil removal)
  • UNICEL VERTICAL IGF (hydraulic flotation dispersed oil removal)
  • EPCON DUAL Compact Flotation Unit (hydraulic flotation dispersed oil removal)
  • Nutshell Filter (polishing filtration)
  • MYCELX Polisher (polishing filtration)


Seawater Treatment

Systems that prepare seawater for oil and gas use by treating biofoulants, dissolved oxygen, and suspended or dissolved solids.

  • BFCC Copper Chlorine System (biofouling control electrochlorination)
  • METROLL SeaCell (biofouling control electrochlorination)
  • VDX Vacuum Deaeration (mass transfer deoxygenation)
  • CDX Compact (catalytic deoxygenation)



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