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SCHLUMBERGER Processing & Separation – Produced Water Treatment & Disposal


Product Description

SCHLUMBERGER Processing & Separation- Produced Water Treatment & Disposal

HYDROMATION Nutshell Filter


Process Flexibility ; media scrubbing cycle prevent filter bed fouling, Operation flexibility ; can remove suppended solid and Hydrocarbon from any kind of water. High mixer efficiency minimizes energy consumption during backwash Feed water used for backwash. Can be vertical or horizontal

Technical Data:

Media scrubber generates a minimum of 40,000 GPM of pumping shear rate
In a single filtration can handle up to 175,000 BWPD
Back-Flush volume is 0.5 – 1 % of throughput
Oil discharge is below 5 ppm


Oilfield produced waters
Power generation
Municipal water filtration
Petrochemical production facilities


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