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ATX – Control Stations

Product Description

ATX – Control Stations

Used in IEC classified hazardous areas to control motors, motor operated valves, instrumentation, and any electrical controls.


  • Specification:
  • Choice of 4 enclosure materials
  • Din Rail or cover mounted control devices
  • Sealed contacts with built in terminal blocks
  • LED, multi-voltage indicating lights
  • Quick turn cover screws
  • Wide range of operators and meters
  • 6 Functions

Technical Data:

  • Materials Housings: Fiberglass or painted aluminum, Lens: Polycarbonate, Gear Tray: Polycarbonate, Gasket: Elastomer
  • Voltages: 110 60Hz, 220/240 50Hz
  • Oper. Temperature: -20 degC to 55 degC


  • Employs AEx de method of protection which eliminates the need for external seals.
  • Operators include push buttons, selector switches, and LED pilot lights.
  • Pilot light employs high intensity single LED with lifetime of 100,000 hours that can be used at: 12 Vac to 250 Vac, 50/60 Hz and 12 Vdc to 60 Vdc.
  • Up to 3 contact blocks per actuator can be used.
  • Enclosures are rated for IP66/ NEMA 4X with firmly secured gaskets.
  • Operators and contact blocks are spaced to provide ample space for easy wiring.
  • TS35 rail mounted components are held securely in place during operation and easily removed for service.
  • No wiring to the cover required.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel cover screws.


  • ATEX 94/9
  • Eex edm IIC
  • IP66
  • IK10




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