ELKHART BRASS – Fire Fighting and Fire Protection Equipment

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ELKHART BRASS – Fire Fighting and Fire Protection Equipment

Elkhart Brass is the industry’s most experienced manufacturer of innovative firefighting and fire protection equipment. Elkhart Brass manufacture more than 2,000 products used in virtually every aspect of fire fighting.Elkhart Brass products are found in fire departments around the world, building systems and off-shore drilling sites, as well as in military, marine and industrial firefighting applications.

Elkhart Brass still operates at its original site in Elkhart, Indiana. In addition to manufacturing and management, the location also houses product research and development, engineering, and product testing.


  • Handline Nozzles:

    Innovative new products, an impressive list of safety features and a record of uncompromised quality and reliability make Elkhart nozzles the industry standard for firefighting nozzles.

nozzles_ball-shut-offs-playpipes nozzles_cellar-distributor nozzles_chief nozzles_foam-expansion-tubes nozzles_industrial-electrical-fog nozzles_marine nozzles_mystery nozzles_phantom nozzles_select-o-flow nozzles_select-o-matic

Foam Eductors:

  • Compatible with most foam concentrates, Elkhart Brass foam eductors — built-in or portable — are compatible with 1” thru 2½” handlines and built for many years of dependable service.

foam-eductors_built-in foam-eductors_foam-supply-kits foam-eductors_portable


  • Appliance

    In situations where seconds count, Elkhart Brass appliances are easy to use as well as reliable. Whether additional lines need to be added without interrupting flow, or if it is necessary to converge several flows into one concentrated flow, you can depend on the Elkhart Brass line of appliances for exceptional versatility and performance

appliances_piston-intakes appliances_plain-clappered-siamese appliances_valved-siamese appliances_water-thiefs appliances_wyes


  • Monitors

    From manual to electric or radio frequency monitors, Elkhart Brass is the established leader in the field of monitors (aka water cannons). We manufacture one of the largest selections of quality monitors available anywhere, so there is one perfectly suited to meet virtually every fire suppression need.

monitors_boa2000 monitors_brushhawk monitors_copperhead monitors_portable-carts monitors_r-a-m monitors_scorpion_exm monitors_sidewinder-exm monitors_sidewinder-exm-uhp monitors_spit-fire monitors_stingray


  • Master Stream

    Our arsenal of automatic, fixed, and selectable gallonage master stream nozzles are absolutely the most reliable on the market.

master-stream_5000e-sm-10fe master-stream_6000 master-stream_fixed-system master-stream_foam-expansion-tubes master-stream_select-o-flow master-stream_select-o-stream master-stream_self-educting master-stream_x-stream


  • Apparatus Valves

    Whether you prefer traditional valves, or a more versatile option like our popular Unibody Apparatus valve, exceptional design and engineering are your assurance you’ll find the right Elkhart apparatus valve for the right application.

apparatus-valves_APEX apparatus-valves_hydrant apparatus-valves_single-body-apparatus apparatus-valves_suction-intake apparatus-valves_unibody-apparatus


  • Apparatus Fittings

    Whether you prefer traditional valves, or a more versatile option like our popular Unibody Apparatus valve, exceptional design and engineering are your assurance you’ll find the right Elkhart apparatus valve for the right application.



  • Industrial Valves

    Elkhart Brass also offers a variety of Remote Valve Controls to complement our apparatus valves and apparatus accessories that make your job easier.

industrial-valves_angle industrial-valves_field-adjustable-pressure-reducing industrial-valves_heavy-duty-hydrant industrial-valves_pressure-reducing industrial-valves_pressure-restricting


  • Adapters, Caps, Plugs

    In the over 100 years Elkhart has been a fire service manufacturer, we have created a wide assortment of standardized adapters, caps and plugs to meet the varied needs of the fire industry.


  • Building Connections

    Elkhart provides a variety of building connections including free standing, exposed and flush; all with inlets and/or outlets. All building connections are cast brass construction.

    building-connections_flush-four-way-outlet building-connections_flush-inlet building-connections_free-standing-inlet - Copy building-connections_free-standing-inlet building-connections_free-standing-outlet

  • Industrial System

    Combining modern technology with years of experience, Elkhart’s industrial systems are designed for use in many different types of industrial settings, including: refineries, chemical plants, loading docks, tanker berthings, railroad yards, offshore platforms, etc.

    A complete Elkhart Brass industrial fire suppression system is composed of hardware (water cannon or monitor, nozzle, valve, etc.), electrical capabilities (control system, wiring, etc.), programming, and integration of the hardware and software within the facility.

    Elkhart customizes all aspects of our approach to deliver an industrial system suited to your needs. Having Elkhart handle all aspects of your industrial system means your project goes in on schedule, on budget and performs as expected

    industrial_electric industrial_HydroBlast industrial_WPO-2000 industrial_zone21

  • Mining & Construction

    Elkhart Brass is the industry’s most experienced manufacturer of rugged and innovative water flow equipment. Elkhart’s global presence services mining, construction, building systems, offshore drilling sites, military, marine, LNG, refineries, industrial and firefighting markets

    – Nitro HD Monitor

    The Nitro HD monitor is specially designed for severe duty cycles. Unique waterway swivel joints utilize stainless steel thrust rods and needle roller thrust bearings for unprecedented durability in mining and construction applications. High power, permanent magnet DC gear motors that drive the left-right
    and up-down monitor motions are NEMA 4 rated for use in harsh environments. The monitor has a flow efficient 2¼” vaned waterway to minimize turbulence and provide superior nozzle streams. The water supply connection in the monitor base is a 2½” female national pipe thread, and the discharge nozzle connection has a 2½” national hose male thread.


    Stainless Steel thrust rods and  thrust bearings for maximum durability and resistance to sheer load and vibration
    Sealed high-torque motors
    Simple, Plug and Play
    Installation (12V or 24V)


    750 GPM Flow Rate (3000 LPM)
    Environmentally sealed nozzle capable of 90° fog or straight stream flow pattern


    Simple joystick control
    Water Valve Control
  • Mechanical Features:

    750 GPM (2839 LPM) Flow
    Changeable nozzle stems to provide varying levels of flow
    Patented elliptical waterway
    Axially aligned thrust bearings
    Manual travel override
    Teflon impregnated, hard anodized aluminum alloy waterway
    Extreme torque motors with high efficiency sealed planetary gearboxes

    Sealed to NEMA 4

    Control Features:

    12 or 24 VDC

    Input VoltageTrue Plug and Play setup, no configuration or calibration necessary
    Two field-selectable ranges of horizontal and vertical travel
    One hand operation of monitor, nozzle,  and valve (valve not included)
    Fully potted End-of-travel sensors
    Top rocker switch nozzle control
    Trigger input for valve control


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