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Flare Internusa – Ignation System


Product Description

FLARE INTERNUSA – Ignation System

Type of Ignition System:

Direct Spark Ignition:

  • Provides high-energy spark to instantly ignite the flare tip
  • Requires the electricity ONLY
  • Highly suitable for remote area with limited utility facilities such as fuel  gas
  • Reliable and no carbon deposit

Direct Ignition with Pilot Burner

  • Self-inspirating pilot by utilize surrounding air to be “pre-mixed” with the fuel gas
  • Integrated and retractable Type K thermocouple for flame detection
  • Can be easily retrofitted to any existing flare tip.

Flame Front Generator

  • Flare is generated at the ignition skid and travels down a pipe to the pilot burner
  • Designed with precisely sequence ignition to ensure all the pilot burner is light-on properly
  • Reliable and less maintenance

Combined Direct Ignition and FFG System

  • Each pilot burner for both Direct Ignition and FFG Ignition System
  • Can be acted as primary ignition or back-up ignition
  • Fully compact design skid for panel and piping train
  • Less foot print

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