CDT 2-2

CR Asia – Decoking Technology (CDT)


Product Description


The CDT service is specifically designed to remove coke and scale from furnace tubes. A common problem encountered in furnaces is the build-up of coke and scale inside the tubes due to the processes of the operational plant. The most common solution in the past has been to use Steam Air Decoking (SAD). However, there are a number of issues regarding SAD that need to be considered; namely:

  • Incomplete removal of coke
  • Increased risk of tube erosion
  • Heat damage to tubes
  • Potential fire hazard
  • Environmental emissions
  • Long shutdown times
  • Decreased (refining) run lengths

All these issues can be resolved by using the CDT service which is an effective and proven technology. The CDT service is a safe and cost-effective solution. The process does not involve; high temperatures, high pressures or chemicals.

Piggs are driven by water with pressure typically 150psi; all operations are at or near ambient temperature, eliminating the risk of tube damage associated with high temperature steam-air decoking.






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