Lighting Floodlights Explosion-Proof

APPLETON – Lighting Floodlights Explosion-Proof

Product Description

APPLETON – Lighting Floodlights Explosion-Proof

Used in areas such as loading docks or drill floors to provide wide area illumination where gases are normally present or suitable ventilation doesn’t exist.


  • HPS 150-400 Watt
  • MV 175-400 Watt
  • MH 175-400 Watt
  • 4 Mounting styles
  • Factory sealed, no external seals required.
  • Wireless design makes electrical connection when mount is threaded on
  • Pre-wired connection block in mounts

Technical data:

  •  Material: Bodies, mounts and guards copper- free aluminum with corrosion resistant gray powder coat epoxy
  • Globe: High temp, shock and heat resistant tempered glass
  • Reflectors: Alzak or fiberglass


  • To illuminate large areas such as:
  • Building facades
  • Ship loading docks
  • Truck terminals
  • Security lighting
  • Airports
  • Athletic stadiums
  • Sports fields

Certification   :

  • UL Listed & CSA certified
  • Class I, Div.2 groups A, B, C, & D
  • Class II,Div.1, 2 group E, F, G
  • Nema 4 & 4X





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