Cameron-Schlumberger Oil Treatment


Product Description

Cameron-Schlumberger Oil Treatment

Technologies to prepare oil  to a refinery or transportation through a pipeline

Crude oil treatment industry-leading technologies include multiphase separation systems, dehydration and desalting electrostatic treaters, and distillate treaters. We use these technologies—perfected over many decades—to provide solutions ranging from single-stage product applications to complete oil treatments to ensure your oil is cost-effectively delivered to specification.

Dehydrating and Desalting

•    High-frequency AC desalter

Desalt challenging crude slates, such as low-API and conductive crude oil.

•   NATCO Dual Frequency Electrostatic treater

Use both AC and DC power to significantly improve processing compared with  conventional AC electrostatic

•   NATCO Dual Polarity Electrostatic treater

Maximize dehydration and desalting efficiency at lower operating temperatures than equivalent AC electrostatic

•   NATCO ELECTRO-DYNAMIC DESALTER Electrostatic desalting technology

Harness five technologies combined within a single compact and effective vessel.

Multiphase Separation Indirect Heating System

  • CONSEPT Separator

Water, Salth, Steam Bath Heater


Controlled-het flux heater



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