FIKE – Rupture Disc

Product Description


Rupture Discs for Pressure Relief

Protecting against Overpressure Hazards Since 1953

Every Fike rupture disc has a story to tell. It’s a story about Fike’s proprietary pre-engineered manufacturing that maximizes disc reliability. Fike’s early adoption of the latest technologies to enhance quality and efficiency. And Fike’s cumulative expertise and unrivaled passion of more than 65 years of manufacturing rupture discs. It’s a story of why Fike’s pressure solutions are the best in the world.

Fike products are compliant with global code regulations and are designed to meet or exceed industry requirement performance, reliability and quality. From safeguarding your critical manufacturing processes to protecting your pressure relief valve (PRV’s), Fike products are part of the critical path to lowering your cost and helping you achieve higher profitability.

Pressure Relief Products



  • Available in Reverse Acting, Forward Acting and Bi-directional
  • Fragmenting and Non-fragmenting type
  • Withstand full vacuum or back pressure service in magnitudes equivalent to the stamped burst pressure.
  • Graphite series is simple and reliable pressure relief device
  • Up to 95% operating ratio

Technical Data

  • Burst Pressure range : 1 – 100,000PSIG
  • Size : DN 15 – 1050 (NPS 1/2-42)
  • Temperature range : up to +593°C


  • Suitable for Food and Beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-tech industries, oil and gas, power, nuclear, aerospace.


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