PANDUIT – Wiring & Cable Accessories

Product Description

PANDUIT – Wiring & Cable Accessories

Panduit carries cable ties and cable management accessories for all of your bundling, routing, and identifying demands. Appropriate for any electrical, industrial, or networking application, our broad choice of industry-approved styles, sizes, and materials ensures that you get the job done efficiently.

PANDUIT – Compression Connector

Compression Connector

Provide consistent quality And reliable, permanent electrical connections,along with a way making fast and
easy Installation.


  • Permanent compression crimp
  • Generous beveled wire entry for quick, easy wire insertion
  • Color Coded
  • Eliminates need for periodic inspection or maintenance as found in mechanical connectors
  • Easy Identification or proper die and number of crimps

Technical Data:

  • Material         : Copper Electro tin plated, Aluminum Electro tin plated.
  • Cable Sizing   :  8 AWG √ 1000MCM
  • Bolt Hole Size : 5/16Δ- 1/2Δ.

Certification :

UL, CSA, NEMA Standard

Panduit – Terminal

Panduit Terminal

Optimal Compression  (crimp) type connection is an air tight connection between the terminal barrel and the conductor.


  • Available with six type terminals:Rings, Forks, Flanged Forks, Locking Forks Short Locking Forks, Multiple
    Stud Terminals
  • Non Insulated Terminal, Vinyl Insulated Terminal, Nylon Insulated Terminal

Technical Data:

  • The terminal shall be tin plated copper, fully annealed, with brazed seam and stamped marking on the tongue.
  • Wire Sizing : #22AWG – #10AWG


UL486A, UL486C, UL310,CSA C22.2 No.65  MIL-T-7928G

PANDUIT – Cable Ties & Cable Marker

Cable Ties & Cable Marker

Panduit is the world’s largest producer of cable ties and accessories, offering the most complete selection sizes, styles and material


  • One piece construction
  • Smooth, round edges
  • Tensile Strength
  • Curved Tip
  • Finger Tip Grip
  • More teeth per Inch
  • Low threading force
  • One Piece looking design
  • Material Availability

Technical Data:

  • Cable Ties Material : Nylon, Polypropylene,Polyethylene, Stainless Steel
  • Size : Length: 2.8″- 43″  Width:  0.07″ – 0.35″


ISO9000 , UL(E56854), MIL-S23190E


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